Feather Feud

Feather Feud


Feather Feud a party game for 2-4 players on a single IPad. Feather Feud utilizes simple flick and tap mechanics to create an addictive gameplay experience. Featuring 4 unique minigames,  the game offers two types of gameplay: Single and Tournament.


I was in charge of programming 3 out of the 4 minigames: Fish Frenzy, Survivor, and Snowball Fight.

For Fish Frenzy, I programmed how the fish move, the poisson generator in charge of spawning the fish, the shielding, the timed events, and the scoring.

For Survivor, I programmed the cannons and the snowball behavior. This minigame was a wonderful product of a 48 hour game jam, and this was the minigame that I designed and it just worked well and players had a lot of fun.

For Snowball Fight, I did the shielding, the snowball controls and behavior, and the fort health system.

I also dealt with the customization of the penguins and when their voices play throughout the game. I was also the voice of the yellow penguin. We did use a voice modifier, so I actually do not sound like that.

Project duration:  

15 weeks

Other features include:

  • Customizable Penguins
  • Single and Tournament mode
  • 4 Minigames
  • Custom Music and Voices


Rick MeursDan SosnowskiCarrie ColeAaron PrestonBongi ChirungaAntonio Revard, and Miguel Morales


  • “People’s Choice” award in the MSU 2013 Media Sandbox Student Showcase Event
  • 1st place in its section 2013 Michigan State University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum



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