Spartan Villa

Spartan Villa

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You are now the proud owner of a college house. Bring in tenants by throwing events at your humble abode and expand your house.  However, don’t forget your bills! Make sure you pay your utilities, credit card bills, and your mortgage! If you don’t, you risk losing your house!


Rebuilt the building system, implemented all new UI from the alpha version of the game, implemented win/lose condition, built the settings system, rebuilt the managing system, rebuilt the partying, built the “Sparks” system (which is when the tenants start complaining about something),built the tutorial and help system, and lots of bug fixing.

When I got on, the team decided to use NGUI, which is a new UI system that handled touch inputs along with plenty of other functionality. Since I had experience in with the Ford Driving Skills for Life game, I started with the help and details popup. Since it was much faster to code with NGUI, the team decided to implement everything with it. Since there was a lot of code that I couldn’t use, I rebuilt it while Matt Vorce worked on saving and loading. The other two programmers had already left by then, leaving a skeleton of the game.

Project duration:  

On the team from June-September 2012


September 2012


Michigan State University Federal Credit Union


Chad Fleming, Kristy Cunningham, Matt Vorce, Alex Lockwood, David Cornelius

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