Other Work


(Side Game)


This was a side game that I was a part of over the summer of 2012.  You take control a ball bearing and the objective of the game is to destroy the crystal at the end of the track. You have 3 tries to avoid all the obstacles and destroy the gate to get to the crystal.


The character controllers for all the different bearings, along with their special abilities.

Project duration:

Started: May 2012 – Aug 2012

How to build your own ball controller!

Night of the Shocking Dead

(Global Game Jam 2013)



This was the game that I was on during the 48 hour Global Game Jam. It’s a 1v1 multiplayer game that you go revive zombies and turn them back into humans.


I was team lead for this project as well as programming. I was responsible for getting everyone on task, building the character controller, the random spawning of the zombies, and getting our network code up.

Project duration:

Started: January 25th 2013 – January 27 2013


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